First-Person-View Drone Racing

Our Focus

Providing local area pilots with an opportunity to participate in the growing sport of FPV drone racing.

Competitive Racing

“California Style” racing format hosted under the Aerial GP league umbrella. “Tournament Style” racing sanctioned through MultiGP Chapter membership.

Freestyle Aerobatics

Incredible displays of skill and agility as pilots scream across the sky flipping and twisting. The freestyle aerobatics are as exciting to watch as the spectacular crashes that they usually result in.

Weekly Meetups

Stick time is important and we are lucky to have a nice open field at our convenience. Weekend meetups are the best days for attendance but there is almost always someone at the park flying. Make sure to check the event calendar to see what’s going on!

Community Driven

At our core is a group of pilots dedicated to defying gravity and showing that we aren’t going to play nicely by its rules. There is always someone offering to help answer questions, share replacement parts or help track down the hard to find goodies that are constantly out of stock.

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